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Originally Posted by deborahbutler
There are complaints being processed - and mine was amoungst them - when I get a reply I will post it - FYI  one of those complaints was by a charity !!!
pfa2 dont bother asking me anything else as you are not worth me wasting my time on you , and Cath - yes the bank account is still fozen

Account still frozen?

Did you get a reply to your complaint? If so, what did they tell/write to you?

Any recordings of my voice are made without my prior knowledge and consent.
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Good question. Is the MF account still frozen.  A very simple question to answer I would have thought.
Why have you locked this forum Debbie? Are you afraid of genuine questions about this walk that you are still promoting? What game are you playing? Why are you now deliberately posting your photos where the EXIF date information is unavailable? What is it about the dates which you are unwilling to reveal?

Simply stopping people from posting on your 'forum' will not make anyone believe that you did this walk. It will make more people believe that you did NOT do the walk.

Now it really is about time that you stopped messing about with claims that you will do the walk again. Why would you do that if you have already done it? Just give us the proof that you did as you keep saying you did. Till then I won't believe a word you say.

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